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Great New

The renowned and transformational HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL) filmmaking class will be adding top, successful Hollywood Entertainment Industry leaders to address topics in more detail that you requested, such as: marketing, distribution, financing, development, television, acting, and scriptwriting.
Comprehensive classes will now feature with an award-winning guest lecturers, as well as the famous HOW TO SUCCEED IN HOLLYWOOD (WITHOUT LOSING YOUR SOUL) content and a continuing lecture on screenwriting by professors who have taught screenwriting in renowned universities for many years.

For instance, there will be guest lectures on television production given by:

• one of the most prolific and successful television producers and writers of television movies for ABC Family Channel, Lifetime Network, and the Sci Fi Channel, including “Lost in Oz” for Warner Bros.TV, a one-hour pilot based on L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz and Stephen King’s “Riding the Bullet”; and,

• another renowned producer who has produced many programs for The History Channel, The Biography Channel, A & E, and The Disney Channel, including “VIETNAM in HD”, “WORLD WAR II in HD”, “THE AIR WAR, “WHEN COWBOYS WERE KING”, “HOLLYWOOD’S GREATEST VILLAINS”, “70’s FEVER” as well as the A&E, special, “CECIL B. DE MILLE”.

Other renowned Entertainment Industry guest lecturers will talk about the business of independent production, the shifting marketplace, sales and distribution, how a film makes its money back, the challenges of an unsettled market, and how to contour a script or production to meet a budget in an era where licensing fees have fallen, as well as financing, development, acting, and foreign sales and distribution.

We are dedicated in helping people who want to make movies (not just write them). We discuss Hollywood pitfalls and opportunities. We hit key things that will help potential producers spot a good script.

The small class size of less than 8 people allows for amazing personalized interaction with the teacher. We will examine the structure of some famous movies including the best scene construction in famous movies.

As a part of the class, we have developed a proprietary software that imports your scripts into a tool for analysis. Allowing you to simple see ways to improve your script and its success at the box office.

In the future, if you have taken the basic class, you are eligible for the one or two day advanced in depth classes on distribution, marketing, production, acting, drama, comedy, and even on the most successful Christian movies with analysis about what made them successful and what could make a movie even more successful.

This will be fun, exhausting and transformational.

We aim to bless and encourage you.

When you succeed, then we all succeed in redeeming the mass media of entertainment.

So, come and be transformed to redeem the mass media of entertainment!

For more information: Please call my appt. sec. Nikki at 805-383-2000 or email her at nikki@movieguide.org.